Proactive or Reactive, 3 Ways to Dominate

Making money on the internet requires a allot of dedication and commitment, two traits that most people have, but have not explored or exposed. When you decide to become an online marketer, blogger, web owner or just render a service online those traits start to rear it’s beautiful Head, dedication comes naturally and commitment follows and the Internet becomes a friendly environment and a happy place. Once you expose yourself to the World Wide Web you began to understand it better and relate to it. Here are some ideas that may help to propel you toward your goal. Active or Dormant, 3 Ways to Dominate

1 – Domain Flipping Champ

Have you wondered if there was an investment option that lets you beat inflation by a comfortable margin? Have you asked if there is an investment option that has the same growth rate as stocks without the downsides? Would you like to invest in something that doesn’t take much time or effort to maintain or liquidate? If you answered YES to all of the above, you should look into investing in domain names. Domain names are the cornerstones of websites. They establish a website’s identity. They also attract traffic from search engines. For these, and many other reasons, many people look at domain names as investment options much like you would consider stocks, bonds, real estate, or commodities. In fact, domains beat many other investment options when it comes to advantages and disadvantages. Here are just some of the reasons why domains are a great investment pick.
They appreciate in value quickly
unlike many real estate investments, the right domains can appreciate in value very quickly. In fact, it is not unheard of to see a domain’s value rocket up right after you buy it. The more publicity a domain gets, the higher its price. One of the reasons why this is the case is that you can register domains for $10 or $11 and then turn around to sell it for a few hundred dollars. The key is picking out the right domains. It is all about research. Pick domains that rising industries would want. Pick domains that small specialized industries would consider valuable. Approach people in these industries with your domain and sell for a quick profit.
They are easier to liquidate than many other investments

Unlike real estate which can take forever to unload, there are many established domain name forums and exchanges where you can sell your domains to interested buyers. In fact, there are even special conventions you can go to where you can buy or unload domains. People are waking up to the benefits of domain investing and there is a big demand for domains as portable, easy to maintain, and fast appreciating investment options. Domain buyers search the Internet in a wide variety of ways. If you want to make money buying and selling domains, your marketing methods should mirror these diverse search patterns. Build many domain selling sites targeted to different keywords and appealing to different sections of social networking sites. Of course, this will take a lot of websites and you will need more than one server so you can have a ‘natural’ footprint. Use coupons to save on many servers. Keep building flipper sites and build traffic for each site. Use hostgator coupons to build out your network. Once your network is done, go back to the first sites you built and bump up their traffic through SEO, community building, social network marketing, and other methods. Proceed to the rest of your network. Reinvest whatever money you make back into building up your network. Keep repeating this until you generate a nice passive income stream. It all begins with building a network cheaply and efficiently.

2 –  Auto blog Empire

Autoblogs are blogs that take content from existing blogs, combine them, add some original text snippets, add pictures, add links, and posts them on another blog. Each blog has advertising on them. If visitors click on the ads or buy through the ads, the blog makes money. As you can imagine, these blogs have low quality, and the user experience must not be that good. So why is this method a popular way of making money online? Read the guide below to see the inside scoop on autoblogs and how you can make money off them too.


Why many people get upset about their blog posts getting ‘poached’ by autobloggers, according to the United States’ copyright laws, autoblogs that ‘comment’ on content found online are usually legal since their practices fall under copyright laws’ ‘fair use’ exception. The key here is that the autoblog should include ‘original commentary’ on the stuff it finds. If it doesn’t, it might be found to be infringing.

Easy to maintain

Autoblogs are completely ‘hands-free’ pieces of software. You just set where they are to get content and you forget about them. The software will do its thing and you just look at your affiliate accounts or adsense accounts to see how much money you made. Of course, this all comes at a price-each autoblog makes very little money. You make your money through volume.

Use hostgator coupons to save on volume sites

To get the volume you need, you need to use coupons like hostgator coupons to save on critical parts of your autoblogger empire. First, you need to get hosting. These are machines that will serve as the homes of your autoblog blogs. Save on hosting by using hostgator coupons. You are going to have to use more than one server because if one domain on your server gets penalized, the others might suffer due to guilt by association. Spread your empire across many different servers. Using hostgator coupons makes this more affordable. Use HostGator Coupon 2014 to save on domain names too. Use cheap domain extensions like .info because you need tons of domains. What would your rather spend? $100 each for 100 domains or $1 each for 100 domains? Use a wordpress automator software to help you manage your wordpress installations on all your blogs. Of course, you have to use an autoblogger script for each of your blogs so it can do its job.

Traffic is where it’s at

Don’t just rely on search engines for traffic to your autoblogger sites. They are getting wise to autoblogging. Instead, use social media automation software to blast traffic to your network from Twitter and Facebook. Advertise on forums to get traffic to your autoblogs. Use software to publish press releases for traffic to your network. The only limit to the ways you can get traffic is your imagination.

3 – SEO article writing Service

As more and more businesses realize the Internet’s ability to drive customers to their doors, whether virtual or physical doors, more and more businesses discover the power of search engine optimization to drive targeted traffic. Why search engine traffic? First and foremost, it is free. Second, it is highly targeted. You are getting people’s attention at the precise time they are looking for or are in need of your services. Marketing can’t get any more targeted than this. This is why many businesses spend millions of dollars on search engine pay per click traffic to siphon as much of this traffic as possible from search engines. The problem is that many don’t get the return on investment they would like from pay per click marketing. As a result, many businesses turn to SEO specialists to drive free organic traffic to their sites. These specialists in turn hire linkbuilders to use specially written articles to get the backlinks SEO specialists need to generate traffic from search engines. There is a huge demand for SEO article writing. You can make money off this demand by buying these services cheap from one site and selling them for higher prices to your customers. Follow the steps below to get started.

Get domain name ideas using Google’s keyword selector tool

Go to google’s keyword tool to find seo article writing keywords that get search volumes every month. Make sure to filter your results based on how many competing sites target to those keywords. At the end of the process, you should have keywords that get traffic but don’t have much competitors Turn these into domains by adding a .com at the end. Register them. Register as many domains as you can find.

Use hostgator coupons to build homes for your domains

Once you have a huge list of domains you registered, you need servers to host them. Use hostgator coupons to set up many different hosting accounts. Why so many hosts? You need to spread out your sites because if one gets penalized or banned, you don’t want the other sites to get affected. Also, you need to spread your eggs out into many baskets since each ‘basket’ draws different people from the Internet. Different people search differently. Make sure each site looks different. Customize each site using different themes using WordPress. Build as many different reseller sites using hostgator coupons.

What determines your success? The quality of copywriting on your sites. You need to invest some time to make sure your sites do a great job of selling your services. Test your pages to make sure they convert your traffic effectively and efficiently.

Remember dedication and commitment.