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HostGator Reseller Hosting Plan – Complete Business in a BOX

Hostgator Reseller Hosting Plan

Hi and welcome, In this post I’m going to introduce you to a business plan that is causing waves amongst entrepreneurs and start-up businesses owners.

What can bring you in tons of cash with little Effort?

By now we all know the major players in the hosting industry. One company that stands above the rest is Hostgator. They have the most flexible hosting packages that will not cost an arm or leg. What’s even more rewarding are their current promo codes where you receive reduced pricing by means of a discounted coupon. Redeem and validate that code at checkout and qualify for that discount Read more »

Simple guide to activate Hostgator coupon 2014 codes

Super Web Hosting

HostGator coupon codes offers hosting at very low prices and are highly reduced and below market standard. Their service is exceptional and secure and they mean business when it comes to maintaining their uptime to keep your web property online. Read more »

Cloud Web Hosting and Storage

Over 200 million people use cloud storage services

The 3 major players are iCloud with 125M users, Dropbox with 50M users, and Google Drive with about 4.5M users. Cloud computing allows you to store, access, and share data from various internet-connected devices all in one central location. A recent study revealed that 95% of people have used a Cloud service but didn’t know it. Read more »

Social Media Management – Key to SEO

Hostgator playground is the World wide web

Let’s face it, the SEO game has changed completely after Google released Panda, Penguin, Penguin 2.1, and Hummingbird. These updates hit legitimate high-quality sites hard regardless of how Google liked to spin the news regarding these updates’ disruptive impact. Still, these updates were quite effective, and it is very hard nowadays to rank simple thinly-stocked  websites that try to make money off affiliate programs. Read more »