Cloud Web Hosting and Storage

Over 200 million people use cloud storage services

The 3 major players are iCloud with 125M users, Dropbox with 50M users, and Google Drive with about 4.5M users. Cloud computing allows you to store, access, and share data from various internet-connected devices all in one central location. A recent study revealed that 95% of people have used a Cloud service but didn’t know it. Most users admitted to pretending to know what the Cloud was, but only 16% correctly think the Cloud is a place to store, access, and share data.

The Cloud is nowhere, but everywhere. You’re probably already using it when you: Check your Gmail, use iTunes, check Facebook, stream a video, or share a document. The Cloud is growing. By 2016, 340 million more people will have moved to the Cloud. The majority of this usage is attributed to: online Banking, shopping, social networks, online gaming, photo storage, and finally online file-sharing or torrenting.

A common misconception of using the Cloud is that you will be 100% safe from cyber attacks, as opposed to storing data on a physical computer. The Cloud can be just as susceptible to external hackers, inside jobs, or traditional Denial of Service attacks by hacktivist groups such as Anonymous.

Using Cloud storage has distinct advantages

The most obvious use for the Cloud is being multi-platformed. You don’t need to worry about what device or OS you’re using to access your files. The Cloud lets business benefit from advanced IT services without major investment, as well. Computing resources are utilized as services scaling to suit demand, always available and with the latest technology upgrades and security.

That’s the best thing about the Cloud, it’s extremely scalable to fit the company’s usage needs from the size of storage space to the power of your servers. In contrast, traditional servers have lower storage space, are susceptible to hardware failures, and higher maintenance costs.

Now any person can take advantage of the Free Cloud Services

You can Sync your entire music library with Amazon’s Cloud Drive or Google Play Music. If you buy your music via Amazon, they’re automatically stored on your Amazon Cloud Drive and don’t count against your storage space. Google Play let’s you store any music you have for up to 20,000 songs for free.

Dropbox’s Cloud let’s you sync any of your computer files as a free alternative to Windows Restore(which isn’t really a fail-proof way to backup your computer).

Both Google Drive and SkyDrive allow you to create, edit, and store all your office documents, text files, spreadsheets, and presentations. Google Drive starts with 5GB of free space and SkyDrive starts with 7GB, plenty for any average user’s needs.

Finally, there’s Kim Dotcom’s newest file-storage venture It is by far the most advanced Cloud storage space on the market. It allows you to store any file you want, with the functionality of a built-in slide-show viewer and multimedia players for music and video. It also offers the largest amount of free storage space anywhere with 50GB, which can be upgraded all the way to 2TB, the highest of any service. Most of all: is the ONLY encrypted storage service using state-of-the-art AES encryption that not even the host can bypass.