HostGator Reseller Hosting Plan – Complete Business in a BOX

Hi and welcome, In this post I’m going to introduce you to a business plan that is causing waves amongst entrepreneurs and start-up businesses owners.

What can bring you in tons of cash with little Effort?

By now we all know the major players in the hosting industry. One company that stands above the rest is Hostgator. They have the most flexible hosting packages that will not cost an arm or leg. What’s even more rewarding are their current promo codes where you receive reduced pricing by means of a discounted coupon. Redeem and validate that code at checkout and qualify for that discountHostgator Reseller Hosting Plan

So how exactly can Hostgator make me cash?

Let me break it down for you in this post. A hosting company sell hosting space on their servers at a market related price. All websites need to be hosted on a server for proper exposure to internet searches.

Now this is where the magic happens as Hostgator has refined a business within a business and structured the Reseller Package. It’s a hosting platform whereby you sell their services at your price and you keep the profit. Save when you sign up by using the Hostgator Coupon Promo Code which will reduce the package costs for your reseller account.

Reseller plans are a complete virtual company where Hostgator completes each sale, manages their hosting requirements, even performs billing using a special control panel. Your duty is to bring in potential clients and with Hostgator’s superb track record and services converting them to paying clients is a breeze.

Who, Why will Benefit of the Hostgator reseller program

  • Well suited to the business minded person who wishes to turn a profit fairly quickly and build a recurring income in the form of monthly billing/income. You earn a percentage of the client’s monthly hosting payment and this is multiplied tremendously as your client base increases.
  • This plan requires no infrastructure, equipment, staff, huge start-up cost and maintenance. In fact this business model has been perfected over time and is now the perfect “Business in a Box”.
  • All reseller clients have the awesome benefit of making this product their own. All plans packages and services get your very own company branding so clients will never know that you are riding on a gator’s back so to say. All products sport your very own company logo, branding and most important your very own pricing structure. You write your own income cheque. All the reseller hosting plans will allow you to create unlimited web sites under your own brand name, with their own prices, packages and features. How cool is that.

Features of the reseller hosting package

Once you have redeemed your choice of hosting coupon code to further reduce the already low prices just validate and complete your order and welcome to the Gator Money Machine. These are some of the perks you will be overwhelmed by as each web hosting reseller account comes with…

  • UNLIMITED DomainsUnlimited Hostgator Services
  • UNLIMITED Sub Domains
  • UNLIMITED Email Accounts
  • UNLIMITED MySQL Databases
  • UNLIMITED cPanels
  • UNLIMITED FTP Accounts
  • FREE Site Builder Software
  • PRIVATE Name Servers
  • FREE Billing Systems
  • FREE Domain Reseller Account
  • 4,500 Free Website Templates
  • 22+ Languages Available

How does reseller hosting work?

Once you sign up you will be given access to the HostGator reseller control panel (cPanel).  This is proudly named Web Host Manager or WHM.  This control panel will allow you to administer your reseller account. One you start adding clients you can manage and provide your customers with their own user control panels which will enable them to create modify and administer their own web sites. Clients can log on to cPanel were they are able to control sub domains, email addresses, passwords and much more. In the event that you encounter any difficulties or problems remember that hostgator support centers are available 24/7/365. Also receive a FREE Copy of “The Web Hosting Book”

Best Business in a BOX hands down

You will be amazed at how easy, inexpensive and profitable it is to start your very own web hosting company! Hostgator provides the resellers with all of the tools and support needed to have your business up and running in no time at all. So go on start your hosting journey now. Register a new domain or just transfer your existing domain and use out Hostgator Reseller Coupon Codes for 2015 to dominate a portion of the hosting industry.