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I need a Quality Hosting Provider Please ( Sounds Familiar )

Choose Hostgator coupon codes for secure web hostingI can list and quote 100’s of people whom have rated HostGator and claimed to have the best experience, but will that help you in making an informed decision, NO it’s not. Let me give you my review and experience and in doing so help you save money and time. When I started using the internet, my dream was to someday have my own website or blog, how cool is having your own work seen around the world. In my first infant internet years I had tried various web hosts, swapping host for better bandwidth, increased speed, and more bonuses or just plain cheaper rates, I was green and I did not ask myself the all important question?

“Are you making the right choice”

Fast forward a few years and I have overcome a few hurdles and hopefully you don’t have to and maybe this information will benefit you and lead you in the right direction. I choose the perfect web hosting provider, HostGator

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A) Most Web Hosting companies are resellers, buying services from a larger provider at a lower price and reselling at a profit. Beware of the smaller sometimes cheaper plans and packages with empty promises. Don’t get caught up with the term “FREE”, Have a look at this List

B) Support is sometimes non-existent and problems take ages to be resolved, call center number‘s never get’s answered and you are left holding on forever.  Unresolved issues = DOWNTIME

C) Slow server response should never be a problem. If your website has been configured correctly, your webpage should have little or no loading delay, this was my nightmare as a slow site looses visitors.

D) Prices and plans are important but don’t stress too much about how cheap it is, Check what is being offered and what’s the up-sales. Setup fees should be free, bandwidth and disk space should be unlimited (fair usage policy applies).

E) Buying a hosting plan and then realize that I need to up-size as I need more domains or bandwidth etc. This is my greatest mistake and your best tip ever, always choose a larger plan with multiple domains. You can choose a longer hosting period to benefit from the reduced pricing plans.

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When I started with HostGator they seemed to have all the prerequisite and had all the web hosting boxes ticked. Not only have I grown to admire and trust them but using HostGator has been a great help for all my online domain registrations and web sites. I have listed the reasons why I choose them as my preferred web host according to my views on requirements and preferences.

Hostgator has awesome help and supportThe most important factor in my books, if you need assistance in any form their call center has the most efficient & professional team on hand 24/7/365, call center, ticket system or blog gets instant results & personal treatment. The best in its class hands down. Solutions means uptime guaranteed. The support center will guide and assist with your every need. It’s like having your very own IT Specialist.

Hostgator is a huge market brandHostGator are market leaders in their field and they are a well-known house brand which is always a great thing. We all Love branded items don’t we?, but what sets hostGator apart from other’s in this Web Hosting field,” Their Backbone”, you only as strong as your BACKBONE and they have the strongest  gator roll in the business.

Hostgator has the best uptime in the hosting industryThis is a measurement of the time your website was available to be accessed online. Well with a strong Backbone their servers are on point and gets results. Solid 99.9 percent up time guarantee makes them the most dependable providers and market leaders. 99.9% equates to a downtime of 43 minutes 11 seconds per month. That’s just great!

Hostgator offers quality hosting at market priceWith over 9 million domains, hostGator must be doing something correct, servers are fast and servers are never oversold. Their hosting prices are not the cheapest in the hosting market and their service certainly is not cheap either. When choosing your hosting plan be sure to choose a longer billing period and validate a coupon code to benefit a huge price buster.

Hostgator trumps web hosting competitionExcellent value for stable rock solid services and with massive market status, hostGator can provide a secure safe reliable hosting platform at a great market price and with the increased saving of the HostGator Coupon codes it’s a win win situation for you. So know you are equipped with valid knowledge about Hostgator and their services so go ahead and join our Family. Remember we are 9 million strong!
Oh, Don’t forget HostGator is 130% Wind Powered so do your bit to save the planet as well.

Due diligence is required when making a purchase, make an informed choice as your Web Host will be responsible for bringing your website to the WORLD.