The Internet “Newbie’s”

Don’t let the Internet scare you

Today the internet is a massive playing ground, only the best players take home the biggest slice of the pie, they all use different techniques and even some under hand stuff, white hat, black hat, grey hat and hell even purple hat tricks. It all boils down to one simple word “Traffic”, you can have the best information, services, offerings or advertising but if your traffic is not targeted it’s a fish out of water.

It takes time and patience to see the results and if done the correct way, then you can rest assured that the only way is forward. Traffic is divided into three types, Organic, Direct and Referred traffic.
So what is the relation between buying a fixed property and having an Internet Presence?
Simply put “Like a house your website is a Lifetime Investment” so don’t take it lightly.

A few points to consider,

You would not be able to rent or lease your property without the right agent or make money on the internet if your marketing technique was not effective. Here is where the work comes in.

Good marketing and correct compliance to rules and regulation means organic “Traffic” which means $$$$, most of your traffic will come from search engines, the likes of “Google”, “Yahoo”, “Bing” etc. so being search engine compliant means a happy Big Daddy and that means more sweets for you, fail here and it will be an Uphill battle and one you may not win?

1. Market Research, set goals and change your mindset
2. Choose a domain name, hostgator coupon 2014 prom code and setup
3. Areas of opportunity, types of available income sources
4. Design, Add rich Content, test and test again
5. Traffic sources and spreading the word

Quick Note – You can really have a basic website, in your name, visible to the public in a few hours and at a cost of under $30.

Optimized correctly, advertise and start reaping the rewards within your market ASAP
But wait! Where do you stand and what are you going to do as a “Newbie”

Take action and own a piece of the World Wide Web, as it’s a wealth of knowledge, support and assistance. Slice and dice this Giant into bite sized chunks and takes that all important first step and enjoy your “Internet Road-trip”.