Kindle service Website

Amazon has been selling books online for a long time now. Nothing new there. However, in recent years, it has opened up its digital marketplace for people who wrote their own books for the e-book reader Amazon sells-the Kindle. This has opened the floodgates for tons of creative people with all sorts of independent ideas to start publishing Kindle books for sale on Amazon. If you have ever wanted to make money online, this is your golden opportunity. Yes, you can make money even if you are not an author or a particularly creative writer.

Heck, you don’t even need to be a writer to get on the Amazon Kindle gravy train. Not surprisingly, many people want to get in on the action but don’t know where to begin. This is where you come in. you offer Kindle services so people can make money off Kindle. Nice and simple. Read the guide below to get started on your Kindle services empire.

Hostgator coupons Help you get started

The game plan is simple. Get three or more servers where you will be hosting your websites. Put 10 or more domains per server. After you have set up your servers using hostgator coupons, go to their control panel software and install your domains. You should have at least 30 domains names with 10 or more per server. Once your domains are installed, go to the control panel and install wordpress for each domain. With us so far? Good. Next, you go to themeforest or woothemes and buy a theme package. Make sure you pick a theme package that looks professional and can be used for service sites. Next, using an FTP program, you use FTP to login to your 30 sites’ public HTML WordPress content sections to upload your themes. Login to each wordpress installation and activate the themes.

Customize your Kindle service sites’ look

Make sure each installation looks unique. You can do this by getting custom headers for your themes. There are many providers of custom headers there. The header should mention your name and have a logo or a slogan. It is crucial that you get Kindle book cover designs. Why? These show your visitors that your services are about the Kindle and what Kindle books should look like.  Invest in a good copywriter. Your copywriter should do the following: Get the attention of the visitor, Zero in on the visitor’s need to make money, Offer Kindle services as the solution to that need, and Call the visitor to action. Set up an order page using Paypal.

Drive traffic to your Kindle services site

While you used coupons like hostgator coupons to save money on your Kindle services site, the next step can get quite pricey. You should try to do as much of these steps yourself or find cheap providers. Go to forums where people are looking to make money online. Promote your site there through your forum signature. Join Facebook groups where people are trying to make money, promote your site there by making a Fan page with your site link and logging in and commenting as your page account. Go to Twitter and follow people who have a large following of people who want to make money online. Engage them in a dialog and drop your link from time to time. The only limit is your creativity. Hostgator can make it happen